Downtown Osaka

Went to DOTONBORI! The popular area of Osaka for food and more FOOD. In the main street, there’s a continous flow of  food shops one after another in the bustling street with heavy neon lights beaming down at you. Overarching giant replicates of food and other eccentric beings cloud the walkway as you waddle along the vast crowds of people also looking for a bite to eat. The unforgettable Kani Doraku crab, is a giant orange mechanical crab at the entrance of a famous seafood restaurant chain. They scatter all over the area of Dotonbori, I saw at least 6! These crabs wave their legs and claws in an unenthusiastic fashion, motioning customers to come in and eat their fellow archetypes. Some mechanical crabs were more lively than others in this treacherous duty. Haha I know I sound a bit ridiculous here. Oh why do I enjoy personifying objects so much?

Anywho.. Towards the end of our street walk, we found a very nice local sushi-bar. Located right across from Dotonbori Hotel, this bar offers A-grade fresh seafood (main picture), I highly recommend it!


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