Who Am I?

My Name is Charmchuree, which in Thai is the african rain tree (Albizia saman) that can be found abundantly scattered all over Southeast Asia and South America. This tree has an incredibly large and wide canopy, and is robust, bountiful and tolerable to the driest of places. With the crown reaching to sometimes 40m in diameter, this tree provides the ultimate shade. In the afternoon or before the rain, the leaves of this tree folds itself to allow rain to bypass the enormous canopy and fall straight into the ground and be taken in by the roots. Even during droughts, under the canopy of the Albiza, the grass can still remain green, and animals stay cool. This tree is home to many types of insects and many beings have greatly benefited from this majestic tree.

This is me, and my aspiration. For as long as I can remember, I have despised my real name. But today I have come to my senses about who I can be. Like this tree, I know I can be bountiful, flexible and tolerable. And just like the Albizia saman, my existence shall be a gift to this planet for as long as I live!

Flower of the rain tree accompanied by a carpenter bee – Taken from Wiki

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